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I know, I keep coming back and forth. Somedays I'm here, other days I completely forget and ignore this site Haha. I don't think I'll be doing much more here anyway, I mean, the website will still be here but I don't think I'll get any more dogs very often or anything. Once in a while you'll see pups for sale but not too often haha. If you want updates most days then look at my other site, Piper Bonita Equestrian Sims, as I go there a lot more often. I'm going to move my springer template over to here as well, then work on some doggy kennel lots to upload, but not sure how long that's gonna take to get done. I also really want to make some improved dogs breeds, but I feel really uninspired to xD
I may possibly start to breed pitbulls as well as springers... I just need a template if anyone has one, I'd be happy :) Also, you'd gain something too, another place to buy p
Soon enough, I will upload some more improved dog breeds. This time I might also make some new dog breeds that EA didn't make. Ooh Ooh! Also some dog related lots :) And maybe some random dog coats, like, shiny ones. I can't do shiny horse coats but I can do that for dog coats.. Don't know why, I guess, that's the way the cookie crumbles as they would say in Bruce Almighty (I know, old moviee much but hey, it's awesomeness). Sorry about lack of posting, I just don't know what to talk about. So sorry if you keep checking for updates but never get one.

Also, please visit my little sister's Stables, Golden Unicorn Stables. She hasn't yet made the actual stables though we've decided some of the names for the horses and she will be selling unicorns. They probably won't be of any particular breed though I will try and convince her to just have 1 breed of unicron so it's a little more tidy.. and so you know what you're getting. I know i don't usually do long posts but today you're in luck, i'm feeling all full of ideas of what to talk about ;).

Anyone know if anyone is holding dog shows? And I've heard that dog agility poses may be in progress for all those people who love agility like me!
Today, the Olympic torch is going to be running through my town! And all the trees are dressed in coloured plastic o.O We also have a little Yorkie staying with us for the week :P I probably won't post anything later today because I'm probably going to be out from about 12ish (English Time).. Here I have some photos of Tico, the Yorkie, and some random photos too xD These are the 4 dogs we have so far, Apollo is still to come :D Tico is right at the end, and the camera is rubbish I know, it was taken on my DSi about 10 minutes ago xD




Yep, this site is now pretty much done. I just have to add the dog's pages and I'll be done :D Here are some photos of the improved CAp dogs I've made, and Isabella, the kennel owner. Credits to Ushio on the exchange for the sim. Also some photos of their home lot, including a nursery, a large fenced off field, the dog's kennel thingy
As you can see, my site is under construction still :p Soon enough, it will be done :)




Welcome to Piper Bonita Sims Kennels! I will be breeding English Springer Spaniels, some of which the puppies will be for sale. I may also do a couple of westie/springer cross litters just to see what they'd look like ;D Please, if you'd like to be affliates, just c-box me. This site has not finished refurbishing and I'm not sure how long I might keep up with this but... you know, I'll see how far I get. I might have some improved breed downloads but o


    Hey!! It's Milla :D I love dogs and horses. Please visit Piperbonitasims.weebly.com :D 

Piper Bonita Sims Kennels