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Soon enough, I will upload some more improved dog breeds. This time I might also make some new dog breeds that EA didn't make. Ooh Ooh! Also some dog related lots :) And maybe some random dog coats, like, shiny ones. I can't do shiny horse coats but I can do that for dog coats.. Don't know why, I guess, that's the way the cookie crumbles as they would say in Bruce Almighty (I know, old moviee much but hey, it's awesomeness). Sorry about lack of posting, I just don't know what to talk about. So sorry if you keep checking for updates but never get one.

Also, please visit my little sister's Stables, Golden Unicorn Stables. She hasn't yet made the actual stables though we've decided some of the names for the horses and she will be selling unicorns. They probably won't be of any particular breed though I will try and convince her to just have 1 breed of unicron so it's a little more tidy.. and so you know what you're getting. I know i don't usually do long posts but today you're in luck, i'm feeling all full of ideas of what to talk about ;).

Anyone know if anyone is holding dog shows? And I've heard that dog agility poses may be in progress for all those people who love agility like me!
7/27/2012 10:26:02

Ooh yay! I hope so. Since I do agility in real life, I am going to make an agility club!

8/7/2012 00:02:12

If you have the scale thingy.You should try and make the Kangal dog,it's a very tall dog in turkey and people have tried making it but I guess it's hard cause they make it look like a pug:/


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    Hey!! It's Milla :D I love dogs and horses. Please visit Piperbonitasims.weebly.com :D 

Piper Bonita Sims Kennels